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Sprinkles Donut Shop

Quality  -  Freshness  -  Family


“Our mission is to produce the highest quality and freshest product each day using as many locally sourced ingredients possible.  Here, at Sprinkles, we care greatly about our community and love to be actively involved.”

Sprinkles Donut Shop is not only a family owned bakery, but also the product of a man who dedicated his life career to making the best quality donuts possible. The late Gary VanderStelt Sr was a baker for more than 50 years.  Gary VanderStelt Jr continues his father’s legacy with the same passion for quality, freshness, and family. 


Many bakeries buy frozen product and thaw before and iced with icings and fillings made offsite.  We choose to make our donuts, icings and fillings fresh daily.   Many times our bavarian cream is still cooling in the evening when we start making our donuts.

We think local matters...

When you shop local, you create local jobs

Many of our ingredients are local, all are premium.  We will never sacrifice product quality for cost. 

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with a donut.” 

- Sprinkles Donut Shop -

Gary VanderStelt Sr

1/30/1945 - 11/07/2018

My Dad started baking when he was 14 years old.  He would say, "A donut is more than flour, sugar, and takes equal part love and experience with a dash of good old fashion intuition."


He loved Sprinkles Donut Shop and created this small business with passion and a huge heart.   We continue to keep his legacy alive with the same passion and quality.

"Love is our main ingredient"

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